Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I am currently working on...

I just bought fabric to make borders for the White Bag Challenge that I've been working on, but I really need to get some quilting done as The Peanut comes home from college in two weeks and she is going to want her bedroom back (I have taken it over for my Voyager).

I have this Christmas Quilt on the frame. I love Mary Engelbreit stuff and this jelly roll called me from the shelf last summer...so here it is on the frame in the process of being quilted :)

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Huskerbabe said...

I love Mary Engelbreit! I made DD#2 a cute cornice board with curtains to match when she was in high school. When she moved out she took it with her! LOL
The quilt looks great!

shout4joy said...

thanks! ME prints just make me happy...must be your dd agrees with me :)