Saturday, July 9, 2016

I AM A FINALIST! (yes, I am shouting!)

Remember the Lion King Challenge by Cherrywood Fabrics? The one I have been sharing since May?

Up for the Challenge
The Challenge Continues
Challenged and Plugging On
Challenged to Finish - Tree of Life

Well ... out of over 300 entries, mine is one of 120 finalists :)

That means I get to pack up my quilt and send it off to Cherrywood Fabrics where it will be professionally photographed and judged. The quilt will be published in a book dedicated to this challenge and, if chosen, will become part of a traveling exhibit for the next year (?). There are also First, Second, Third place quilts, etc.

I am rather excited :)
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Challenged to finish - Tree of Life

 My Lion King Challenge piece is completed. I showed sneak peeks over the last two months, now it is done and submitted. Cherrywood Fabrics will announce the finalists on July 8th, so I am crossing my fingers that mine will be chosen.

I was inspired by images of the Tree of Life, the Sun, Gazelles and patterns I found used in costuming and the sets of the stage production of the Lion King.
I quilted each section differently, added applique elements, did some thread painting, made some confetti applique pieces, did a touch more thread painting, and added in some glitz with hot fix crystals.
 Waiting to hear what quilts were accepted for the traveling exhibit is hard, though I imagine that it is even harder for Cherrywood Fabrics to choose only 120 finalists out of over 300 entries!

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