Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Challenge continues

Today, in between graduation things (The Boybarian is graduating from our homeschool next week) and cleaning house, I spent some time with the Cherrywood Lion King challenge. I added some squiggles that were inspired by some of the visuals from various performances.

I also put the background together ... Now to decide whether to quilt it first and then add applique elements OR add some applique now, quilt and then add more OR add it all and quilt it all together.

I thought the challenge had a June 1 date so I was focusing on working on it whenever I had a couple extra minutes. I re-read the challenge and it has a JULY 1 date, whew! I can back off a bit and work on preparing for the Boybarian's graduation (and open house!) and working on some class samples for upcoming quilt classes.

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