Friday, May 13, 2016

I wish I could just sew and quilt all day!

I'm still trying to catch up after two extremely bush semesters at college. With the house is a mess, the Boybarian graduating from our homeschool (with all that entails), and needing to pick up various household items ... I didn't spend much time in the Sewing Dungeon.

My mind was on the Cherrywood challenge. I have almost decided to add this next element before quilting the piece. Right now it is pinned onto the background while I commit to that decision. It is hard to commit for sure ... Once it is permanent, I don't have as many options going forward. 

More of my (limited) time in the Sewing Dungeon was spent on class samples. When teaching a class, I like to make sure that I have worked through all the various parts so I know where my students will run into issues. When I figure those out, I will focus on solutions so that the students aren't left high and dry, we can work on getting the project to work out right.

An upcoming class that I am teaching is one binding. While going over my options to present, I realized I didn't have a sample with ric-rac. So, I am working on putting that together. This is going to look so sweet on a baby quilt done in 30s fabrics!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Challenge continues

Today, in between graduation things (The Boybarian is graduating from our homeschool next week) and cleaning house, I spent some time with the Cherrywood Lion King challenge. I added some squiggles that were inspired by some of the visuals from various performances.

I also put the background together ... Now to decide whether to quilt it first and then add applique elements OR add some applique now, quilt and then add more OR add it all and quilt it all together.

I thought the challenge had a June 1 date so I was focusing on working on it whenever I had a couple extra minutes. I re-read the challenge and it has a JULY 1 date, whew! I can back off a bit and work on preparing for the Boybarian's graduation (and open house!) and working on some class samples for upcoming quilt classes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Up for a Challenge?

I am working on the Cherrywood Fabric Lion King Challenge. I have had images floating around in my  head, now I have to translate them into fabric.
I am pretty sure that I will piece part of my background, use raw edge applique for some elements, quilt two or three elements separately, and then sew them together with some more applique on top ... Throw in some thread painting and this could be a time consuming quilt! All in 20" square.

I'm thinking of using a snippets technique for one of the elements in the quilt. WOW! what a mess all those bits of fabric can make!

Are you working on any challenges?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Design Wall - UFO week

Back on my design wall go some unfinished objects. The NYB is there because I need to write up a class proposal and the other one because I was considering it for something else entirely. Still not sure what I am doing with that cute little piece, maybe it will sit there for a long time (again).
I have quilted a pumpkin that spent a lot of time on my design wall. It will now be a mug rug for an auction at my guild meeting this evening.

What UFOs are you thinking of working on?

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