Monday, April 25, 2016

Sometimes the Design Wall just isn't big enough!

 I spent the weekend at a quilting retreat. The theme was Quiltstock, so we listened to 60s music, dressed up in tie-dye and various other garments with nods to the 60s, and sewed for many uninterrupted hours while someone else took care of food and cleaning. Cell signals were spotty to non-existent, so there weren't even the phone interruptions.

I took four projects along and got to work on three of them. One was a really old UFO that I finally got the field put together, one was the start of a quilt and then I had these blocks from many, many different swaps.

My design wall is small. I don't have big floor spaces at home for laying out quilts, so I brought the blocks along to make some sort of sense out of these 4-8-12 inch blocks. Thankfully, my sister helped me get the chunks together (though I got to put together all the partial seams), so this bunch of blocks is now sewn together.

Like often happens in swaps, the blocks vary in size *sigh* so I will be unsewing a few spots and finagling them back together. It just won't be this week as I have finals.

For some great design wall inspiration, check out Patchwork Times!

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