Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project Quilting Season 5, Challenge 2

I didn't think I would get anything done for the second challenge ... Upcycled ... but I did get a little idea and it came to life today :)
 I pulled these out of my sewing room ... some old buttons, taken off other things; some funky yarn; a length of some faux suede and parts of an old uniform from the Army Guy.

I pulled a tutorial for a Stuffie off the internet - a Ninni Monster and modified it to fit my idea :)

After cutting the front and back, I appliqued pieces to them in the opposite fabrics. On the back I appliqued a tail:
 On the front I appliqued a face - and quilted it as I was appliqueing the face down :) I added eyes and mouth at this time, too.
 I sewed around the body, clipped my curves and turned the stuffie. I stuffed it with rice to make a weighted stuffie (NOT microwave safe, btw, with that metallic yarn!). The Boybarian likes to fidget with my rice-filled wrist rest, so I thought I would make a cat for him to fidget with (that way I won't lose my wrist rest!).

I pinned the opening closed:
 Hand stitched that opening closed (that faux suede was NOT fun to stitch by hand):
 And put it in the hands of the Boybarian (he was not overly impressed, btw):
Here is a shot of the back ... I think I made the tail too big, it almost looks like a squirrel sized tail!

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