Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Detour to a Finish

With various other things happening this week, I took the lonely block from the quilt I was planning to make for Project Quilting Challenge 4 and I made a 
throw pillow cover :)
 There was no way that I could get the larger project quilted in time ...

One of the things I did for this smaller project was to miter my corners. I wish I had done that on the larger project.

 I chose to quilt a modified McTavishing in the light areas of the quilt with some leaf shapes in the corners. They just seemed to be the right soft touch against
 the spiky points of the star :)
 When I finished quilting the top, I found that I had picked up a straggler - quilted right into the back is a leftover 4 patch from the Easy Street Mystery. I am SO glad that this is a pillow cover and this oops will not be a design feature seen by many people!
 I finished off the pillow by putting a buttoned back on so I can take the feather pillow form out and
wash the pillow cover.
I'm so excited that there is a finish for this challenge!!!!

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