Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Quilting Music Quilt post 2

For a major element of the quilt, I wanted a heart...remember the lines from the second stanza? "He put within my heart a melody, and I know its there to stay" Well, that  told me I needed a heart element :)

I could have just cut a heart out of fabric, but what fun is that? And since I like to have my artier (is that a word?) quilts have parts that are a nod to traditional quiltmaking. SO I made two halves of a heart with assorted red fabrics and joined them to make a heart:
The plan is to applique the heart over the lyrics, using the method Eleanor Burns teaches, where you sew fusible interfacing to the front of the piece, turn it and stitch it down.

When I put the heart on the words and started to audition fabrics for borders, nothing made me very happy, they were too Princess Sunshine gave me the best design advice and I ran with it...she said it needed to have an inner border that was scrappy and like the heart. Give that girl a cookie! It was the perfect solution to my design dilemma :)

I pieced strips on some scrap paper and trimmed them up...

Next time I'll show another design element...

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Crafty Sewing said...

Love the heart and your background scrappy fabrics! Cool!