Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Quilting Music Quilt part 3

For the next element of the quilt, I needed hands. I took pictures of hands and gathered my supplies. You see, I remembered that long ago I read about using colored pencil on fusible I though this would work out just right! I imagined a bit of text being seen through the translucent arms/hands...
 I dug out my itty bitty light table and started tracing the hands onto the fusible interfacing.
So far, so good! (ignore my hands, I've been working on prepping walls and painting and they are rough and a bit swollen). The tracing went well and the hands look wonderful!

So, I colored them in, working to get the shading right (double checking the photos frequently!). They looked so good!

And then I put them on the quilt *sigh*

They did NOT look good with the words of the text coming through. They faded to nothingness and all the hard work of hand coloring the hands was for naught.

I put a piece of white fabric under them, which helped, but they needed yet another layer, a layer of shadow to make them stand out from the background. It was the right touch, but by now those hands were stiff as boards and I found out a disadvantage of the fusible fuzzes. The more you work with it, the more it fuzzes. I am not happy with that! Maybe by writing it down, I'll remember to try some other method next time!

One the bright side, the dark shadowed outline really was the right choice :) I'm pleased with that! 

I wish the hands wouldn't fade out so much in the pictures *sigh* They have more color in person!

Next post I'll finish up my quilt!

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