Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Quilting Challenge Two...where am I going with this?

The second challenge for Project Quilting is Making Music. This was a happy challenge, because it meshes perfectly with our guild challenge for the year which is song/music. I've been thinking of various ideas and rejecting them as new ideas poke their heads into my imagination. Now that I am forced to choose and go forward it was almost a relief!

I laid in bed Monday night rolling ideas around in my head and this one came to the fore - I guess you could say, "I came up with it in a dream" (my kids will know what I'm quoting here).

I envisioned the song In My Heart There Rings a Melody done in Subway Art style, with elements that focus on the first line "I have a song that Jesus gave me, it was sent from Heaven above" and another line in the second stanza "He put within my heart a melody, and I know its there to stay."

So, first challenge is to work out the Subway Art element. I worked it up in Word, ironed my fabric to some freezer paper and sent it through the handy-dandy Epson printer...and it printed without a top margin :( I worked the file, prepped another piece of fabric with freezer paper and printed it off *whew!* it worked!

I now had a sample to cut up and play with before committing to using the one for the quilt. I couldn't find any tea, so I used some instant coffee. The fabric came out a uniform color and didn't have the blotchy/old look I was going for, so I put some granules on the wet fabric and let them blotch away:
It turned out!!!

Shoot, I didn't take a picture after I rinsed the excess off and ironed will have to come back for more quilt process on the next will have the rinsed and dried fabric in further stages :)

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