Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Design Wall

Since I have been cleaning in the sewing dungeon, I don't have a lot to show. I found these little blocks made from a precut kit I bought last year in Paducah at the AQS show. I think I'll have the rest of the pieces sitting next to my sewing machine and use the pieces for leaders and enders so I can get this quilt made!

I just love the colors and batiks *swoon* are my favorite fabrics :)

Other design walls can be found at Patchwork Times.

I haven't made it into the sewing dungeon yet today because I had to get the Boybarian downtown so he could march in the parade.

Man, patriotic parades make me tear up! When the WW II vets went by, I though of my grandpa and how much I missed him. He was a WW II vet, with a Purple Heart.

Maybe I'll work on something patriotic this afternoon. 
In honor of my Grandpa.

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Mary said...

I think this will make a great leader/ender project.