Friday, May 27, 2011

Cleaning the Sewing Dungeon

This week I've been trying to spend at least 20 minutes each day in the sewing dungeon cleaning, sorting, folding and putting away.

Yesterday I found some orphan blocks that were left over from a swap. There were 4 blocks and a bunch of half square triangles. There were two four patches and fabric to make more. Instead of putting them aside or throwing them out, I put them together into a little baby quilt. I just added a bit of fabric from my stash, some leftover batting and - a quilt was born!

I sewed the top together last evening and quilted and bound it late this afternoon. Kind of nice to have a quick project - and it cleaned out some spaces in my dungeon!

Since our church is focusing this month on the Crisis Pregnancy Center in town, I'll just add this little quilt to the pile of goodies. May it bless a mom and her precious little one!


mainer said...

Good for you. I am inspired.

The Orphan Quilter said...

Well done, Joy -- great use of orphan blocks!

Grace said...

It is beautiful! Could I ask a question? I have a beautiful wedding ring quilt, made by a neighbor (by hand). Some of the stitches have come out due to washing. How can I fix it without making it look hideous. (I sew, but have never hand-quilted, only machine quilted.) Thanks.