Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packing for a Swap

do you ever participate in block swaps? I do, though not as often as I did. I used to join every one I saw...and the postage about did me in!

Now I'm a bit more choosy in which swaps to take part in. And I try not to do more than one at a time (keeps me from getting too confused!).

I'm packing envelopes to send off in a Manly Man Swap. In this swap we made 12" blocks that are man-friendly. So the colors are not at all feminine :) And we shied away from floral blocks.

I made Antique Tile and Clay's Choice blocks. I worked totally from my stash, that is why they are not all the same fabrics. I used two different greens in the Antique Tile blocks and a variety of "fire" colors in the Clay's Choice blocks.

Now to design a quilt using 14 12" blocks :) EQ7 - here I come!

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Lynn W. said...

Our blocks will be crossing in the mail somewhere along the line. Love what you did. I figured I'd just do one more block for a 3 x 5 layout or more for a 4 x 5 which really will be a better size for a Manly Man ... Heck, I probably have some here from past swaps that would work in quite nicely.