Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have been doing SOME sewing...

 Over the last couple of weeks, I sewed up two different purses for myself. The one on the left is a backpack purse...I find them comfortable for long days of shopping. The one on the right is a modified Coming and Going Bag by That Darn Kat. I changed it up in that I really wanted a long strap so I could wear the bag across my body, rather than tucked under my arm.

I also added a couple more inside things to help me keep (somewhat) organized: two more pockets and a loop with a carabiner for my keys.

I modified the backpack purse by not using the drawstring, but putting snaps inside to hold the top closed. I found the drawstring awkward and the snaps pull it in and change the whole look of the bag! (sorry no pictures)

 Here are six ribbons done for our guild quilt show that is coming up at the end of the month.

Sorry about the bad color quality! I just realized my camera settings were WAY off and I can't retake the ribbon picture as I've already got them packed up to go to guild tonight *sigh*


Jerzydeb said...

I left your blog up, and my oldest dd saw the backpack ... and now she NEEDS one ! (I love yours by the way) I actually do have some wonderful handpainted batiks that I would never put in a quilt - that would be wonderful - would you happen to know where you got the pattern ??

shout4joy said...

I have modified my post to show where I found the tutorial for the backpack purse AND how I modified it :) Enjoy!