Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21 Design Wall Update

Today I have up the set of swap blocks that are finished. I am working on my second set...I'm going to use the Clay's Choice block for my second set.

I set aside the Queen's Jewel block for now. There is no date set for The Peanut wedding to This Guy, so there is no hurry on the quilt (and I'm still collecting fabrics).

After the swap blocks, I'll get back to the Father's Day Ties quilt...

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update to my design wall...this afternoon! I have received 4 swap blocks from fellow swapmates and I've completed the first of my Clay's Choice blocks...they will be different colors as I didn't have enough of any one. A couple will be this gold and others will be a blaze red and some will be a more subdued red...all fire colors I decided, to go with the smoky black :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy National Quilting Day!

I hope you get a chance to quilt today to celebrate!

I'm hoping to sneak down to the dungeon and get a bit of quality time with my machines. Or even just get some blocks cut out for the swap I'm participating in. I finished up the Antique Tile blocks and am still waffling on what to do for my second block.

What are you working on today?

Sorry for no picture, for some reason it won't let me upload anything today.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall March 14

Here is my design wall for March 14. The six Father's Day ties blocks, a swap block and the first block for The Peanut's eventual wedding quilt.

For those wondering...the block with the cross in the center is from the Queen's Jewels pattern in the Big Book of Scrap Quilts put out by Oxmoor House...

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Boybarian Quilts

sorry for the picture quality, he would not be still for the camera to focus *sigh*
Last week, the Boybarian loaded his quilt on the frame. This week I had his start quilting. He is a speed demon with his quilting and had HUGE toe catching stitches. He has already unsewn two he has one row quilted and mom has learned that 12 year old boys like speed (rather, this fact was emphasized!).  I'm hoping we can slow him down  for the next rows so that he doesn't have to spend much more time unsewing his quilting stitches (since *I* get roped in to help!).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Holiday Happenings Raffle Quilt

It is not on my design wall (mine is too small), but on the wall in the quilt shop...

This is our guild's raffle quilt for the year. It will be in the quilter's hands very soon but I wanted to be able to see it, so we hung it up at the LQS.

After the guild members chose the theme and basic type of quilt, I designed this in EQ7. I think the Country Charms Quilt Guild did a great job - this is a fun quilt!

We started off with a small piece of a fabric to give us color inspiration for our is the floral seen in the dark egg in the basket. Everyone used the same background fabric and then we raided our stashes to make up the blocks.

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