Friday, February 4, 2011

on my frame on Friday

I have Nobody's Perfect loaded on the frame again. It has aged long enough!

I am working on the quilting in the white areas, quilting flowers and leaves. Here I've completed the first pass...since then I've snuck down to the sewing/quilting dungeon in free moments and quilted a few more paths.

I should have the quilting finished this week and then see if I can dredge up backing for another top that is begging to be quilted!

What are you quilting this week?

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I got a lot of ufo's finished since the new year began and I am ready to do some piecing and sewing instea, so I'm beginning a quilt top this week for a friend of mine that is long overdue. The two major ufo's I have left are special and I haven't fully decided how I am going to quilt them yet, and, IF, hubby buys me a frame for my Juki, I want to wait. =)

Your quilt is very pretty!