Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Quilt with faux hexagon blocks :)

I have finished the baby quilt that I made using the faux hexagon blocks. It is cute and I'm glad I tried the technique, but I don't think I'll be making a bigger quilt with them any time soon.

I will be sending it off to Australia as a baby gift for a new baby born to one of the nephews...

I was asked previously how I was going to quilt this...and I was undecided. 
When I got it on the frame I realized that doing a freemotion swirl in each hex would be 
a good way to quilt this one - sturdy and easy! (and fast!)

now I will load another quilt on the frame...I have the feel for frame quilting back in my fingers :) (yes, Shel, it is your quilt next!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Swapping out the Obnoxious Fabrics

It was time for another round of the Obnoxious Fabric Swap and I finished up swapping them last week. It is a fun swap that I hostess twice a year on the Quilting Forum.

Florals reigned supreme in the obnoxious mix (as they always do). What in the world are some designers thinking when they make some of the weird color combos? Next up were the Amphibian and Lizard category. Lots of brights, a few skulls, some psychedelic designs, weird color combos, texture prints...and some that must have been taking over various stashes around the country :) I saw a couple of fabrics that I would have purchased had I seen them on the bolt...and not for this swap!

The picture is from the center of my living room while I was swapping. I sit in the hole in the middle and swap directly in front of me (see the stack, the spreadsheet and pencil?) and have all of the piles arrayed around me. You can not see all of them as the picture is rectangular and the piles of fabric were a bit farther out on each side (and on the couch and love seat!).

Yes, that is Killer Bunnies on the ottoman. The boybarian has been begging to have a family game night, but we haven't all been home for a game night in weeks!

Design Wall Monday

Another UFO project that I came across recently *sigh*

This was from a (small) swap of blocks and I now realize that 8 blocks is NOT enough for a quilt. I should have signed up to make more blocks for this swap! I'm going to have to do some digging out of fabrics to make more so that I have something to work with.

I am going to leave them on my design wall while I dig for the pattern...maybe I can make up a few each week and eventually have enough for a quilt!

For more design wall inspiration visit Patchwork Times.