Saturday, September 4, 2010

After a week of quilting, I'm ready to take the frame down

The Peanut has been sleeping in our den since she came home from school. The quilt frame takes up her whole bedroom, so she can't use her room until the frame comes down.

Today I quilted the last quilt of the week. I have to be done because I am almost out of batting (I guess I could do a couple of baby quilts if I had the tops ready). The frame will come down this weekend (maybe Monday).

I think I will name this one
These Are a Few of My Favorite Batiks because they are. Some of these I'd been hoarding for a while and didn't want them to go into just any project.

I'm thinking this might end up being my "retreat" quilt. The one I take along to cover my bed. Last time I didn't even think to bring a quilt and I was the only one *blush* without a quilt on my bed.

On this quilt I thought I'd try a free motion feather all over design. I'm very tickled with how it turned out. I will be using this on other quilts in the future...after I find a new home for the quilt frame!

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