Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Wall Monday 08/02/10

My pitiful looking design wall has some blocks that Princess Sunshine is working on. I think I need to take all the extra threads off (how???) or just put up a new flannel backed tablecloth (cut in half, I have a tiny spot to hang it).

Mean mom is "forcing" the children to make quilts. The Boybarian is almost ready to put his quilt on the quilt frame, but Princess Sunshine chose a much larger and more complicated design, so hers is taking much longer. She has four more of these blocks to make and then she gets to work on the stripes that will become the corners of these will be gorgeous when she is done!

I have been busy with the Voyager. I finished off two quilts and mailed three (one of them being the purple Spin Cycle quilt) the end of last week (payday being Friday) and loaded This Guy's Quilt that I started a couple weeks back. I've almost finished the quilting and then the binding (my least favorite part).

I am doing a freemotion fleur de lis inspired design that I've been is the second quilt I've used it on and I'm feeling more confident on this quilt than the last one. By the time I get to The Boybarian's quilt (that I only have a few blocks for, see last week's design wall) I'll be doing it in my sleep!

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Barbara said...

I love your fabrics.

QuiltSwissy said...

Congrats on your finishes this week. I wish I had some........but I have life instead.

I actually got to work out today, and hung quilts for the show.

Your That Guy Quilt is looking very nice!