Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frame Quilting

Ah! Back to quilting on my frame.

After quilting on my Bernina with the really tight quilting I did on Cinderella's Dream it is such a relief to move back to big quilts on my frame. They go SO much faster and it is rather soothing to quilt.

My shoulders don't ache as much as I don't seem to place them in my ears like I do when quilting on my regular sewing machine :)

This is my cousin's quilt. She sewed it together on our family retreat last month and sent it home with me to quilt. I used a meander with freeform dragonflies to quilt it. I freemotion quilt, so they are random and very freeform :P

This one is done and I've got a challenge of a quilt on the frame now. It is from my sister. She started hand quilting a log cabin a long time ago and realized she would never finish it, so she handed it off to me. I'm working from the center out as she didn't want to take the time needed to remove the hand quilting (located in the center) as she would just like the quilt to be DONE. I'm enjoying the quilt, just had to wrap my mind around how to quilt it without distorting it too much!

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Kelli said...

I'm so thrilled with the log cabin! You really did an awesome job, especially with that challenge of working around that hand quilting.