Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bold and Brave ~ PQ Season 9.3

The Project Quilting challenge this week has been Bold and Brave. I wasn't sure what to do.

Going through the fabrics and patterns that I have at our new house, I found a Flamingo row from last year's Row by Row Experience and my idea came to life :)

One of my internet friends used a Flamingo for her symbol and even called herself "Flamingo ---" - she was a homeschool mom like me, that is where we met, on a homeschool bulletin board online. --- had a great sense of humor, even through trials in her family, including a divorce, followed a few years later by a tragic death of her children's father as well as losing a son to an accident.

--- was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago. She became discouraged with her doctors and treatment and several times debated letting the cancer over take her. During this time she met and married the man of her dreams. She felt cherished and found a reason to continue with her treatment.

--- was finally taken about a year after she married the love of her life.

I found that --- was Bold and Brave ~ choosing to forge ahead through tough times - and keeping a sense of humor through it all, even up to the end of her life.

SO, my quilt is a tribute to my friend "Flamingo ---"

 this pattern used quiltsmart , which isn't my favorite way of piecing squares. They come out the right size, but I feel the piece ends up a bit "pillowy" The quilt was pieced in three sections.
I used my walking foot to quilt the piece, I may add some swirls later on in the sections to make it look less "pillowy"
I tried a different method of binding, turning the back and folding it over the front. I will probably never use that method again! I didn't feel it was as nice as my regular method.

It sure turned out cute, though! I will hang this one on the wall in my Sewing Studio (whenever it is finished).

The quilt was created in Muskegon, MI and finished at 11" X 41"