Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Origami Pinwheel Block

Instructions are for one block:
 9 “ Finished Block
            4 – 5” squares accent fabric
            4 – 5” squares pinwheel fabric
            12 – 5” squares background fabric

 Press the background squares and the pinwheel squares in half diagonally.

For each unit, layer three background triangles and one pinwheel triangle on top of the accent square. “Weave” these triangles around, each one having one point over and one point under. Make note of which direction you “weave” the corners! Pin in place and then baste the edges. 

Make four identical units.

On each unit, fold back the edge of each triangle, exposing the accent square. 
I like to use a starch or starch alternative 
at this point!
Lift up the edge of the fold and tack down the fold underneath. Tack down all triangles.
 Sew your four units together to make pinwheel block, making sure your pinwheel corners meet in the middle. Press the seams open.
Needs ideas for using this block?
  • Make three blocks, sew them together (press seams open), add a border, and you have a table runner. 
  • Add borders to your single block and sew into a pillow. 
  • You could also make your single block into a hot pad.

This works for any size. As long as all of your beginning squares are the same size, you can make your own size of block!

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