Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5 - Around the Bend

When looking ahead at 2016, I have made plans, but I don't have control over the year. I can look down the path, expecting certain things, but the path is winding on its way through the months. I can't see what is really around the bend.

This year my Army Guy is retiring. This is exciting in many ways; he won't be at the beck and call of the Army, he will be closer to home, and maybe the honey-do list will get some attention. BUT he will need to find other employment because we will not be able to live at the same level on his retirement pay. There is a bend in this path. We can't see what is around the corner, so how do we plan for what is coming besides praying for a good job opportunity appearing when we get there.

Also this year, the Boybarian graduates from high school. As a homeschool mom, this means my job will be complete in May. I am making plans to move on, becoming a quilt teacher. BUT these plans are not totally in my hands. I can work on classes, marketing, designs, but unless quilters want to learn from me, it will all be a dead end to that path.

What other things are lurking in the bushes along the path of 2016? 

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