Friday, January 1, 2016


I don't think I'll be able to keep up the pace of a post a day in 2016, but I hope to be more prolific on my blog than I was last semester. This coming semester has a MUCH lighter class load, so I should be able to be in the Sewing Dungeon a bit more. That is a concrete plan for 2016.

Today I finished quilting the Picnic Quilt. I am looking forward to teaching this as a class with a Summer Picnic Party theme. I've been perusing summer music and pricing out sunglasses and other summer type things to set the mood.

This evening I will bind the quilt so I can get it sent out ASAP so the Cardinal Creations can have the class sample to show people when they sign up for the class :)

*I* do not make resolutions, I make plans ... do you have any resolutions (or plans) for 2016?

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Kathleen Plyler said...

I like your idea of plans, not resolutions. I'll have to work on a definite list of plans. Happy New Year!