Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Friendship Blueming

(yes, I meant to spell it that way)
For the second month of the Focus Through the Prism Challenge, I chose to use the color blue with the assigned Friendship Star blocks. I had lots of ideas competing in my head, but finally the 3D elements took over.

This month did not see me in the Sewing Dungeon very much. That meant that today was a marathon session to get this completed before the deadline. That meant this quilt didn't yet get blocked and looks like it needs it!

The center of my Friendship Star blocks all contain a flower shaped yo-yo and a cluster of french knots. They remind me of Narcissus flowers :)
The ground of the quilt seemed a little blah, so I took some Angelina Fibers and made a couple of dragonflies to add to the quilt. That gave some movement to the quilt, drawing the eyes back to the Friendship Star Narcissus Flowers.

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