Monday, February 23, 2015

Life is SO busy!

My second semester back in college feels much busier than my first semester. I am trying to squeeze in time for quilting, but it doesn't always happen.

I do have a deadline, so I am squeezing other things to make time for quilting :) My guild challenge is due next week Monday and I hope (fingers crossed) to have my quilt finished by then. We will have to see!

The quilt I am doing is just blocks right now. I am using raw edge applique and sewing around the pieces with invisible thread.
The theme is hats. I am focusing on the hats a mother wears. As you can see, the inspiration for the design came from Warhol ;)

The faces were going to have more detail, but when working with the heads, I realized it was better to just have them as blanks. So many times we define mothers by what they do, not who they are, making the design more meaningful without the personal details in the faces.

Hopefully next Monday you can see the results of hours in my Sewing Dungeon!

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