Thursday, September 5, 2013

The gutting of ties ...

I have been commissioned to make a commemorative tie quilt for someone. This is not the first time, either :)

The first thing is the gutting of the ties ... the ties come apart very easily and you pull the interfacing out and get two piles larger than the original pile of ties (pretty strange, eh?). Here are the guts, laying on my dining table (my daughter was dissecting some jeans, too).
Now comes the fun of taking the pile of gutted ties and cleaning them so I can process them into quilt block pieces:
Though I most likely won't get to cutting them up until next week. I want to paint my guest room over the weekend!


Kathy Plyler said...

how do you clean them?

shout4joy said...

I will be putting the ties in a solution of water and dish soap, swirl them carefully and then rinse them the same way :)