Monday, September 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday

 On my design wall this morning is a twister quilt made with a William Morris Charm Pack :) I just love those fabrics!
And on my frame, is my mom's sampler quilt :) It is looking very good, but I found a fold in the batting and will have to un-stitch some of the quilting *sigh*
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Kate said...

Love the colors in your Twister quilt.

Anonymous said...

Love the twister, I could make that quilt over and over. Hmm, I have. And I have to say, I have had batting fold on me too. It's terrible.

Mary said...

Twister is still on my list to make. I have 3 books and all the templates. Someday... Sad you have to unsew quilting. Hope it takes just a little of your day.