Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Working Diligently (at least I'm trying!)

I did not get the dress hemmed on Monday :( I ran out of horsehair braid when I was 24" from the start *sigh* So I waited until I had to take the Boybarian out for his Scout meeting and ran back to the store to pick up more braid. By the time we got home, I really had no energy to finish up the hem, so waited until this morning. 

Now I have just a smidge more sewing to do on the hem, fix a couple of items on the bodice and we are home free (well, still have a visit to the cleaners ...).
I do have new buttons sewn on the jacket of my dress :) The bottom button shown is what came with the dress, making it look more casual that I wanted. So I am beautifying the buttons ;)

I still have to hem the dress as it is a bit long. Thankfully, my dress is pretty straight forward, it won't take me hours and hours to get the hem right!

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