Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Working Diligently (at least I'm trying!)

I did not get the dress hemmed on Monday :( I ran out of horsehair braid when I was 24" from the start *sigh* So I waited until I had to take the Boybarian out for his Scout meeting and ran back to the store to pick up more braid. By the time we got home, I really had no energy to finish up the hem, so waited until this morning. 

Now I have just a smidge more sewing to do on the hem, fix a couple of items on the bodice and we are home free (well, still have a visit to the cleaners ...).
I do have new buttons sewn on the jacket of my dress :) The bottom button shown is what came with the dress, making it look more casual that I wanted. So I am beautifying the buttons ;)

I still have to hem the dress as it is a bit long. Thankfully, my dress is pretty straight forward, it won't take me hours and hours to get the hem right!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nothing New on the Quilting Front

At least, nothing to show. I do have my Easy Street top done, but have no place to photograph it to show you ... I'll work something out once I have it quilted :)

What I do have, is a wedding dress :) My daughter found a pre-owned dress that was just her style, but way too long, so mom gets to shorten it for her. She also wants a short train, not the big, long, heavy train that came on the dress.

So, my job for today is to get this dress rehemmed at the correct length and get it to the cleaners ...

And then I have a Maid of Honor dress to make, my dress to shorten and a quilt to quilt in the next 12 days ... I'm SO thankful that I didn't have to do the bride's dress from scratch :) It would be hard when we are 7 hours apart!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I haven't been doing much to show ... adding borders to a wedding quilt (that I don't have any place to photograph). AND one block for a friend's quilt :)

So, on my design wall, I have the small quilt from a different week, a random NYB block and a bright, happy star block.
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