Thursday, December 13, 2012

Organizing is not Fun

Though it sure is fun to find things I hadn't seen since our move!  These five boxes (notice 4 of them are Dish Packs) were all unpacked in the last two days ... not everything has been organized into its eventual home, but it sure is nice to have more boxes unpacked and floor space cleared in the basement.

BUT I really do not enjoy organizing all of the fabrics and patterns (and other goodies) as unpacking and petting all the fabric sparks creative ideas and I would much rather work with the fabrics than organize them.

Why am I focusing on something I don't want to do? We are having company later in the month for a Christmas party ... and I would like to have some *away* space to send the younger generation. IF I don't get the basement organized, there will be no place to send them *sigh*

Maybe the next post will have pictures of an organized sewing area and family room in the basement :)

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