Monday, June 25, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I have a design wall!!! My sister  came down and helped me do some unpacking and setting up in my sewing/quilting  area.  What a relief it is to finally have more than piles and piles of boxes in one room (other  rooms still suffer).
 On my design wall are a bunch of stars from a swap, a pair of test blocks and a bleach dispersed  piece of fabric that is inspiration for an art quilt. These are all  pieces that make me happy, so the might just inspire me!
 My  design wall is in a somewhat awkward place as it is behind the ironing board. And with unpacking, the ironing board is a mess. I have yet to find my iron, so it may be in this condition for a bit longer.
 Here is the sewing area. I had to get some small stuff up on the wall so I wasn't just looking at  boring walls while I sew :)

I'm still  unpacking boxes and  trying to find where to put things  in a more compact space (though  much nicer than my last digs).
And  I've got the  frame up  and the  machine on the frame.  Still need to connect all the cords and the light, but we are making progress - along with the fact that some  pieces  got lost in the move and I'm waiting for replacement  parts *sigh*

The top on the frame is one I made over 17 years ago, it was unearthed in a  box last week.  I think I'll work on this one first to get back into the groove of machine quilting.

The tall cabinets are for fabric storage. They have SOME fabric in them, but are  still awaiting the bulk of my fabrics...that are somewhere, in a box, in the  house or garage!

For more design wall inspiration visit Patchwork Times.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Why I have no Design Wall Monday picture

I still don't have a design wall! Mostly because I don't have anything put together for a sewing/quilting area...just boxes *sigh*

This is what my designated Sewing Dungeon looked  like Saturday at noon...since then I moved  the cabinets, went through almost all of those boxes,  and  felt very frustrated. yes, there are three sewing machines, a quilting machine and a serger in those containers, but less than three yards  of fabric! Most of these boxes were mislabeled. I learned that if it said "Sewing Supplies" it contained anything BUT things I could use with sewing/quilting. I found four boxes of Christmas decorations, several boxes of toys, computer things (not EQ) and lots of papercrafting supplies. I didn't find my box of thread or any of my stash of fabrics.

Onward! I will find fabrics, I will set up the  quilting  machine, I will find batting (there is a  large box in the other room that *might* have my roll of batting) and I will be sewing/quilting on something by the end of this week (or else I will go bonkers!).

May your week be most successful!

And, to be inspired by people  who really have design walls check out Patchwork Times!

For some eye candy...while at my ILs house I did work on an old row robin that I had stashed away:
This is Batik Jewels and I got the rows sewn together...I also started adding borders. There is one more border to go on this one and then I can quilt it (when the quilting machine/frame are set up). Princess Sunshine thought this would look really good in her new bedroom...