Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scrapbusting Mystery - clue Six (final clue!)

Clue Six

STEP ONE: Take 4 of the HST scrappy units from Clue #3, one scrappy diamond unit from Clue #4 and your four border fabric Chevron units from Clue #5 and sew them together for the center unit as shown.
NOTE: IF you have borders around your scrappy diamond units (see Clue #4), use the one with the border fabric for this step.

< STEP TWO: For the first border, take your 16 patch units from Clue #5 and sew them together in pairs. Then, using the scrappy diamond units from Clue #4 in the corners, sew these borders around your center unit.

NOTE: IF you have borders around your scrappy diamond units (See Clue #4), use the ones with background fabric borders for this step.
STEP THREE: For the second border, sew four scrappy Chevron units from Clue #5 together, end to end making four border lengths. Using the HST scrappy units as corner blocks, sew the borders to the quilt. 
< NOTE: IF you trimmed your HST to 5” in Clue #3, Cut twenty 1 1/2” X 5” strips of assorted background fabrics. Insert these strips between the scrappy chevron units as you sew the four pairs together. Sew one strip to each end of your chevron rows. These are your border lengths needed for STEP THREE. Sew borders to quilt as described in Step Three.

Cut 6 strips, WOF, 5 1/2” wide from your border fabric. Sew these strips together end to end. I like to use a diagonal seam, but use whatever works best for your sewing skill set.
Take your quilt and measure the center from top to bottom and cut two pieces to this length from your border fabric strip, sewing them to the sides of your quilt center.

Press the seams toward the borders.
Measure the center of your quilt top from side to side and cut the two remaining borders from your border fabric strip and sew them to the top and bottom of your quilt. >

Press the seams toward the borders.

Quilt as desired. Suggested quilting would be any all over design as this quilt is SO busy that custom quilting could be lost!

Enjoy your quilt! (sorry about the borders fading into the carpet...I'm in transit and have no design wall!)
You can add more borders to make a bigger quilt. This quilt design will measure 80” X 100” if all units measure 5”... AND it uses up a bit more from the scrap bin!


Monday, May 14, 2012


I meant to have the final clue psted by this time, but forgot to keep my power cords away from the movers...so my trusty computer does not have power and the library won't let me input my pictures into their computer so that I could upload them *sigh*

Our move is in process...please pray with us that we will get a closing date - SOON!

And may your sewing and quilting go smoothly while I am itching to quilt!