Monday, April 23, 2012

On my Design Wall ~ April 23

I took down the Waterfall quilt because there are not enough hours in my day to get that finished before the movers come and pack us out of here...I will be working on that one again after I get set up in Michigan.

So, I pulled out a quilt top that I have had sitting around for several years. All it needed was a border and I started quilting, ripped out quilting, staring at the quilt to see what it needed in quilting design...and it is still up on the design wall trying to speak to me.

For now, I'm taking wall paper off the walls in the dining room so I can paint the room. AND thinking about where the quilting is taking me on this little quilt...

For more design wall inspiration visit Patchwork Times. There are some great projects linked there!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scrapbusting Mystery Quilt CLUE FIVE


Take your 32 Four Patch units from Clue One and sew them into 16 pairs.

Sew the pairs together to make 8 Sixteen Patch units.

Set aside for last clue.

Take your 8 HST units from Clue Four and make 4 Chevron units with the background fabrics in the center.

Set aside for last clue.

Take 32 of your Scrappy HST units from Clue Three and make 16 Chevron units with the scrappy triangles in the center.

Set aside for last clue.

Units you should have from the clue:
            8 – 16 patch units
            4 – Chevron units with border fabric
            16 – Chevron units with scrappy triangles
The final clue will put them all together – stay tuned!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday...with something on my design wall!

not much to see, but I've made some progress in the last week ;) I have a few more blocks on the Waterfall and some blocks for my mystery quilt...

For more design wall inspiration visit Patchwork Times.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clue Four with apologies!

I'll start off with the apologies...I did not foresee internet issues when I promised a two week interval between clues *sigh* and once the internet was up we were on another house hunting jog without my quilt pics in the laptop! is
Clue Four

If you have not done so, choose your border fabric.

Cut Four 6” Squares of Border fabric 
and make 8 – 5  1/2”  HST using border fabric and the Four assorted background fabrics you set aside in Clue Three. For instructions on making the HSTs, check Clue Three.

Set aside for next clue.

 Taking 20 of your Scrappy Strip HSTs from Clue Three, Sew them into 5 units of four, utilizing a diamond layout. These units should measure 10 1/2” square.

Set aside for next clue


Cut one 1” strip of your border fabric by width of fabric and 16 – 1” wide assorted background strips (about 12” long).

Sew these strips to the outside of your diamond units, making one unit with the border fabric and four with assorted background fabrics as shown:

 Units should measure 10 1/2” Square – set aside for next clue