Thursday, August 11, 2011

It has been a while!

I was on vacation in MI for a couple of weeks and have not gotten much time to sneak down to the sewing dungeon in our settling back into a routine, ordering the last few books to start our homeschooling year, and catching up on laundry...

What I have been doing this week is packing away last year's curriculum and books that we will use the next year to make room for this year's books. I've almost got the "old' books packed away in these boxes:

I am still looking for some stray books for the box on top...The Boybarian seems to have walked off with them. Pretty sad when your students keep wanting to read their SCHOOL books! All three of my students became voracious readers just like their parents.

I am unpacking books that we used with The Peanut and Princess Sunshine. But, since the curriculum was updated since we used it last time, I've ordered some new books...that way it will be a bit different than last time when he was just listening in on his big sisters' lessons.

While I'm setting up for school, I'm dreaming of quilt designs...

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