Friday, May 21, 2010

Here You Go - the field of the Mystery Quilt

While waiting for the kiddos at their dental appointments, I was putting the last touches on Clue #6 and a man sat next to me and said "Flowers!"

Oh, good...the flowers are obvious in the field of the quilt, that makes me happy. If no one else saw what I saw, I'd be disappointed!

My quilt is slightly different from the Mystery Quilt as I used 9" blocks in my quilt and wrote the clues for 12" blocks. After making a gazillion of one piece (well, more like 72) I didn't think all of my guild members would have followed along as it was a tedious process. Changing to 12" blocks meant that (except for borders) no one made more than 40 of any one unit :)

SO the picture shows 9" blocks in the arrangement for the 12" blocks. I have mine set up as 7 rows of 5...but my design wall is too tiny to show that here.

Now I need to work on the final clue and finish my quilt top :)

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