Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have finished my challenge quilt, and it is all packed up and ready to mail out. WHEW!
This is for the Create a Bali Keepsake Challenge and I am sending it off, crossing my fingers that it gets there before the deadline on Monday. 
I have named this quilt Cinderella's Dream. I started out with a design inspired by a rug and when the fabrics came I revamped my design (simplified it mightily) and with the pink...I knew it had to have a princess name! While working on the quilt I had an earworm from the group Silverwind (an 80's Contemporary Christian band) and the song was Cinderella's Dream, so the name of the quilt was born.

I spent over 20 hours on the quilting. First I did machine trapunto, then outlined the trapuntoed areas with invisible thread and then I did this micro quilting...I mainly did McTavish inspired quilting, but also did some pebbling. There is a ring of feathers in the center, just because that area was calling out for it.

Using dissolving thread helped in the trapunto process, but then I had to do more than a light soaking to get the thread out of the quilt. My first try left the quilt feeling like cardboard sandpaper, so I had to agitate it in the front loader to really work out the dissolving stitches.

The back is pretty neat. You can see the quilting so much better because of the great contrast between the navy batik and the pink quilting thread. BUT it also shows all the oops moments *sigh* I've been informed that oops moments are common experience for quilters, it is just hard when you are sending a quilt off and then you see them (and know that there is no more time left for fixing them).

I have the back prepped for the challenge, that is why there are two squares of fabric pinned to the back (the fabrics I added) and you can see the top of the entry form peeking up at you in the bottom left.

Off to the Post Office!

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