Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busy working on my Monkey Dash quilt for challenge

 I have finished the quilting, and have blocked the quilt. Here it is, drying while blocked. 

The quilting includes a trapunto monkey in the middle - maybe I should call it Monkey in the Middle? What do you think?
Today I plan to finish it off. I think I will try facing the quilt rather than binding it. The border will be trimmed WAY down and will end up looking like binding if I face it (I think). 

This quilt is for the A Focus through the Prism Challenge, an offseason Project Quilting challenge from Persimon Dreams blog.

Monday, May 25, 2015

on my Design Wall this morning

I have three pieces; the pink one on the bottom is one I came across recently and am waiting for it to tell me what it needs to be, the yellow one for the Focus through the Prism Challenge from Project Quilting's off season challenge, and a round robin where I have added the first round :)

I thought it was interesting how well the challenge piece and the round robin coordinate. Maybe the round robin spoke to me so quickly because I was already working with the same colors. I just know that usually I don't work with the yellows and oranges, so it surprised me to hear the center block tell me so clearly what it wanted the first round to be!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Deisgn Wall Monday

I'm out of school, the busy weeks are starting to fade, and I have something on my design wall!!!

The yellow block is the start of a quilt for the Project Quilting off-season Focus through the Prism Challenge :) The other block is an oldie I ran across recently and may develop into something.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

progress made

I finished my challenge quilt in time :) The binding was done at 1 AM and I turned it in by 8:30 - whew!

I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt *sigh* I'll catch one when I go to the quilt show later today ...

BUT! I did take a couple of progress shots: 

 I have an image of hands (my own photo), edited out the background and printed it onto batiks (two different ones were used for subtle differences). I fused the hands to black fabric, stitched them down and added a little bit of quilting. 

 The hands were cut out and I ran a black Sharpie over the batting that showed around the edges (it was distracting!).
I played with the arrangement of the hands and center quilt  until I was happy with the results. The totally on-point version did not look good (hence, no picture) and the straight on was OK (above), but this slightly skewed version is EXACTLY what my vision wanted to portray.
The quilt was bound with another thin dark binding and I sewed the fingers to the quilt (see the pins?). The hands/fingers are the bridging element ... they bring the whole design together.

Our guild challenge was to make a 20"X20" quilt, using a specified fabric (the batik in the stars, sashing and border of step one), using at least one Friendship Star block, with the theme of Threads of Friendship.

Do you think I got it right?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

working on my challenge quilt ...

I have step one done - the small quilt in the center; pieced, quilted and bound.

I have step two done- the frame; quilted and bound on the center square

Now on to step three - adding to the frame the elements that hold the two together and then trimming the whole to size and binding :)

Do you think I will have it done for turning in tomorrow morning by 9 am????

I'm hoping so! If not, I have a plan B - cutting back on the element that holds the two together ;)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Posts in ONE day!

Don't expect this to happen often :P

As I was sitting here, I thought I should add in a picture of my most recent finish - the Joseph Lap Quilt:
I am getting better (more comfortable) with my new machine/frame combo and am almost ready to put other people's quilts on the frame :)
Joseph is for a pattern that I designed to use 10" squares. All of these fabrics are man-friendly (thus, the name Joseph). I will publish the pattern after I get at least two more sizes figured out ... the pattern is done for this size *YAY!*

March 23, 2015 - the year is flying by!

I've been busy ... I did not get the hat quilt done :( But close enough to know I like it and will have it finished before next year ;)

I finished up another quit for a pattern. Now to work on directions for at least two more sizes.

AND I have this lovely little piece on my design wall
Yes, it is little, it is just under 15"X20"

This piece is for a demo at my Quilt Guild in April - isn't it cute?

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