Monday, August 17, 2015

not much new on my design wall

I added a round to the round robin :)

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent hours at a music festival (over 4 days) and then AQS in Grand Rapids, MI took several days this past week. 

THIS week I will dedicate to my Sewing Dungeon and soapmaking.

Next week school starts up again and I have signed up for 6 classes, possibly 7 ... 

How is the end of your summer looking?

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Monday, July 27, 2015

The summer is 2/3 over!

I have lots of things I wanted to get done and the summer is flying by! Where is the time going?
On my design wall this morning is an assortment of stuff :) A Row by Row, a Round Robin and my Foucs Through the Prism Challenge piece.
The row is one I designed for a friend's quilt shop. This is called A River Runs Through It and is available at Patches and Petals in Cadillac, MI.
I am participating in a Round Robin and this is the piece I need to work with. I have some ideas of what the next round should be ... but the piece keep telling me other things. I'll have to listen or it won't work out!
AND I have my Focus Through the Prism piece. I need to add a small border to this in case it shrinks when I quilt it as I forgot to add a bit of width to the last round of the outside blocks to account for heavy quilting.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Friendship Blueming

(yes, I meant to spell it that way)
For the second month of the Focus Through the Prism Challenge, I chose to use the color blue with the assigned Friendship Star blocks. I had lots of ideas competing in my head, but finally the 3D elements took over.

This month did not see me in the Sewing Dungeon very much. That meant that today was a marathon session to get this completed before the deadline. That meant this quilt didn't yet get blocked and looks like it needs it!

The center of my Friendship Star blocks all contain a flower shaped yo-yo and a cluster of french knots. They remind me of Narcissus flowers :)
The ground of the quilt seemed a little blah, so I took some Angelina Fibers and made a couple of dragonflies to add to the quilt. That gave some movement to the quilt, drawing the eyes back to the Friendship Star Narcissus Flowers.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Monkey Dash - now Monkey in the Middle

It is DONE! I even have a hanging sleeve on the quilt and a label (something that seldom happens until needed).

The working title for the quilt has been Monkey Dash - a mash-up of two common names for the block Churn Dash/Monkey Wrench. Once it was quilted, the quilt said it wanted to be called Monkey in the Middle ;)

When presented with May's A Focus through the Prism challenge, the Monkey Wrench block gave me too may design choices. It may be simple block, but that makes it easier to manipulate and go wild with ideas.

Playing with EQ7, I tried many different designs. This one won out because of the interesting cross that happened in the middle. 

I chose to use Yellow for two reasons; the first is because it is the color of banana skins, the second reason is that yellow is the color I wanted to get out of the way first ;)

I chose to make it scrappy with a consistent background. I pulled a very light yellow for the background and several yellows and oranges (with yellow in the prints) and set to work.

The first obstacle came with the fact that I used a 3X3 block in a 10" size. I should have used the 5X5 so I could use a better measurement for my units. Three and 1/3" units within the block means I had to guesstimate a bit to make things fit. For some reason the manufacturers of my rulers ignored that measurement!

Once the top was pieced, I realized that the quilting could draw the quilt up too much and then my quilt would be too small. A small border was added so I could quilt to my heart's content.

The top now called for quilting. How to quilt the top? I chose a traditional quilting design with feathers around the center squares of the blocks.
This picture shows the back of the quilt before I sewed on the sleeve and label.

This choice fit the traditional design of the blocks, but seemed rather bland. That is when the monkey came in to play. I took a silhouette of a monkey hanging from a branch, transferred it to the quilt top and used a faux trapunto technique to make him stand out from the background. To push the trapuntoed design further forward, I used a McTavishing inspired design for the rest of the piece.

The quilt has no binding, I used a facing so that the border becomes a faux binding.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busy working on my Monkey Dash quilt for challenge

 I have finished the quilting, and have blocked the quilt. Here it is, drying while blocked. 

The quilting includes a trapunto monkey in the middle - maybe I should call it Monkey in the Middle? What do you think?
Today I plan to finish it off. I think I will try facing the quilt rather than binding it. The border will be trimmed WAY down and will end up looking like binding if I face it (I think). 

This quilt is for the A Focus through the Prism Challenge, an offseason Project Quilting challenge from Persimon Dreams blog.

Monday, May 25, 2015

on my Design Wall this morning

I have three pieces; the pink one on the bottom is one I came across recently and am waiting for it to tell me what it needs to be, the yellow one for the Focus through the Prism Challenge from Project Quilting's off season challenge, and a round robin where I have added the first round :)

I thought it was interesting how well the challenge piece and the round robin coordinate. Maybe the round robin spoke to me so quickly because I was already working with the same colors. I just know that usually I don't work with the yellows and oranges, so it surprised me to hear the center block tell me so clearly what it wanted the first round to be!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Deisgn Wall Monday

I'm out of school, the busy weeks are starting to fade, and I have something on my design wall!!!

The yellow block is the start of a quilt for the Project Quilting off-season Focus through the Prism Challenge :) The other block is an oldie I ran across recently and may develop into something.

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