Saturday, February 9, 2019

PQ 10.3 Bigger Than a Breadbox - To Feed a Soul

Bigger than a Breadbox ... HMMM ... I had lots of ideas rising up in my brain, but many of them were only half-baked. I didn't have enough fusible left for some of my ideas, so I kept on thinking.

Monday evening was our local Quilt Guild meeting. This month we were aiming to sew quilts for our charities ... OOH! Charity is bigger than a breadbox - wrapping someone in a quilt made with love? 
I picked up a bundle of fabrics and started sewing them together. I didn't get the top finished that evening, but Tuesday I got it  sewn together. I pulled other fabrics out of my stash to make the back. There were three blocks left over from the front, so I designed a fun back for the quilt. Wednesday it was put on the frame and I quilted it.

I quilted it with swirls because of the circles in the main print and the swirls in the coral fabric found in the four patches.
  I bound it on Thursday. Thankfully I had a fabric that worked for the binding!
The back has become a wonderful, modern quilt in it's own right. I like how the four patch almost becomes a heart when set on point.
This quilt will feed a child's soul while they are in need.

To Feed a Soul
41" Square
Made in Muskegon, Michigan

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Shasta Matova said...

Cute! I especially like the hearts in the back!

Nikki Moshier said...

Lovely quilt.....and they do look like hearts!

Mel Beach said...

I cracked up over all the puns in the opening paragraph!! Your quilt and heart are both bigger than a breadbox...and the quilt is certain to bring comfort and joy to others.

Sharon said...

Love your colors! And such a pretty backing. I’m sure this we’ll be adored by smelling ne who appreciates its warmth!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Excellent interpretation of the 10.3 PQ Challenge theme!

PersimonDreams said...

this is fabulous! I love BOTH sides!!!!