Thursday, December 8, 2016

Exams are done for the semester!

 Today's exam was a critique of our last projects in my 2D design class.

 Our last project was to paint a landscape, from one of our own photos, in acrylics and then paint an apocalyptic version after researching what would happen in such an apocalyptic scenario.
 I chose a picture from last year's Belize trip. There was a clear photo from the resort and I could easily imagine what would happen if the resort was abandoned due to economic collapse.
It would not take long for the jungle to reclaim the property. The wooden roof would be gone, plants would being growing everywhere, leaf detritus would cover everything and the careful landscaping would lose ground to the jungle plants. 

I am going to have time to concentrate on quilting in the coming days (well, maybe next week!).


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