Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27th - full of fellowship

We  started  our day  in fellowship  with  our church  family. Our  pastor  is currently  preaching  through  the  fruit  of  the  spirit  and today's  sermon  was  on peace. Peace  with God, the  peace  of  God, and peace  with others.

This afternoon  was  a  day  spent  with  family. I am  so  blessed  to  have  siblings  that  like  to  hang  out  together. I  know that  not  everyone  has  that  experience. My wish is  that  you will  laugh  and  fellowship  with  your  family as  we  do. Many times  we  play  games but  we  just hung out, listened  to  our  kids and snacked.

Too bad we  live  2 hours  away  from  family. Maybe  someday  we  will  live  closer ...

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