Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22 - prepping for Christmas

Today was one of those days ... we had some things that needed prepping before we feel ready for Christmas. Princess Sunshine, the Boybarian and I went out shopping. The lines were long at some stores, but the Post Office and Barnes and Noble both had very short wait times :) Tomorrow I need to take the Boybarian back out, he has one more gift to buy on his list and that store was in a totally different direction than today's stores.

At home I prepped for a family tradition, Nana's Coffee Cake. The recipe calls for maraschino cherries, but one in our family has big problems with food dyes, so I needed to prep my own cherries to take the place of the jars of chemical red cherries.

 My first step is to thaw the frozen cherries. This year I used tart cherries, some years I use the dark sweet ones. The problem is that it takes a long time for those cherries to thaw! They were in the refrigerator for over 24 hours and some were still frozen.
I need to thaw them so that the juice doesn't impact the next step. When they are processed from frozen, I end up with twice as much liquid. When I thaw and drain the cherries, I use the cherry juice for the liquid in the next step, enhancing the cherry flavor :)

These Faux-schino cherries don't taste quite the same as the ones in the jars, they have more cherry flavor. That is fine with me, and I haven't heard any complaints from the rest of the family over this issue ;)

What are you doing to prep for your holiday celebrations?

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