Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2 - My Painting Class

 One of the classes I am taking in college this semester is Painting I. The focus is on oils and I had never used oils before (well, I tried them as a teen and only made muddy looking stuff). I think I am getting the hang of it.

After starting off with some small acrylic studies, we moved into larger works (all of these are 18" X 24").

Our first oil paintings were of a black and white still life. Not an easy task, but it helped us understand more about working with oils by limiting our palette to only black and white paint. That way we focused on the medium and how it works.
 The second painting was also a still life, with mostly brown tones. There were some green bottles and a red strip of fabric. I added the green drape when I noticed that the breast of the loon faded into the background.

I totally missed out on a picture of my third painting! It is also a still life, but *I* got to choose my subject matter. Maybe I will remember to share it after I get it back from the instructor.
And then we have our collage paintings. We started by making collages inspired by lines from Hamlet. Then we used our collages as inspiration for a full painting. Mine still needs a couple of things to finesse it and then it will be turned in and critiqued on exam day.

And, the last painting is a landscape ... pictures will happen later in the month as today is really the day that it started coming together and I just haven't remembered to take a picture!


Sue Leonhart said...

Joy, you never stop being an inspiration for me. Your can do attitude is inspiring.

Heather Pregger said...

These are wonderful!