Monday, May 25, 2015

on my Design Wall this morning

I have three pieces; the pink one on the bottom is one I came across recently and am waiting for it to tell me what it needs to be, the yellow one for the Focus through the Prism Challenge from Project Quilting's off season challenge, and a round robin where I have added the first round :)

I thought it was interesting how well the challenge piece and the round robin coordinate. Maybe the round robin spoke to me so quickly because I was already working with the same colors. I just know that usually I don't work with the yellows and oranges, so it surprised me to hear the center block tell me so clearly what it wanted the first round to be!

For more design wall inspiration, check out Patchwork Times!


Ramona said...

I first thought your two blocks were going into the same quilt. They do look great together. I hope your new found block speaks to you soon. :)

Kate said...

Beautiful blocks!

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