Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Garden

Since we moved here I have wanted to plant a few vegetables ... and this is the first year that the space was ready for them :)

The Army Guy built some raised beds during the spring and I acquired some heirloom seeds and the garden was planted.
 The Army Guy is on leave this week (vacation for us civilians) and he is putting up the fencing around the garden. When you live in the city, on a corner lot, sometimes you just would like to have a bit of privacy (and a way to keep others out of the garden!).
We've got some tomatoes growing, we've been harvesting peas and lettuce (the lettuce is bolting, so we are at the end of the lettuce) and we've had one zucchini. More zucchini is on the way (no pics).

We tried the Veggeti - an As Seen on TV gadget - on our first zucchini and found it really does work and the zucchini noodles were tasty (well, the Army Guy and I liked it).

We also have some summer or crookneck squash just starting to grow.
All of my Pak Choi bolted before it got anywhere near harvesting :( AND the pests really seem to like the taste of the Pak Choi, so we let them have it ;)

How is your garden growing this season?

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