Monday, February 24, 2014

Yes, there IS something on my Design Wall this morning :)

I have a boot on my wall :) I am in the process of re-making my Daddy's Boots quilt. There were things I wish I had done with the first version, and this is my chance ... I have the first boot almost done and I've started on the second boot. Just have to finish the eyelets and then I can sew the second boot. I have one week to complete this as our guild challenge (which was extended from last year) is due next Monday night ... Here's hoping I'm not sewing up to the last second (like last year!).

AND I thought you'd be interested in the progress of the BOM I was working on with Jennings Community Church - I now have the top completed! Mine is on the left, my sisters is on the right :) As you can see, we used different fabrics, put our blocks in different places and I added to my borders ... plus I did a scrappy checkerboard border rather than the two color one from the pattern.

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