Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Progress on Boots Quilt v.2

 The boots are almost ready to sew on the quilt. They get sewn on AFTER I do the quilting. I have minimal quilting on the boots themselves. I also will add the laces after everything else is done :)
I am in the process of quilting the quilt. I am doing some very small quilting. I didn't mean to, but this quilt must really want it, because I'm doing it again! That is OK, as you can see, I now have a magnifier so I can see the stitching. When using invisible thread, I have the hardest time seeing my quilting stitches. The magnifier helps me to see them (or rather, I can see the HOLES left by the stitches). Maybe it is my older eyes ... but those threads that are the size of the hairs on my head
are REALLY hard to see ;)

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