Saturday, December 8, 2012

Project Quilting ... I didn't get it done in time

This is the project I started for Project Quilting's Offseason Challenge.

It may have been a challenge with a two week deadline, but I have not been able to accomplish it in the time given - if I didn't have kids at home and if I weren't involved in various things ... maybe I could get things done. 

AND this quilt insisted on being big.

 I've never done a Stained Glass style quilt before so I was winging it. Not the best way to do a quilt ... next time I'll know how to do some things in an easier fashion and save TONS of headaches!

I am loving how it is turning out, just wishing I had it finished!


Lynn W. said...

It is gorgous. How muchmore is there to do on it? Mayabe the quilting?

Kelli said...

Well, it's stunning! At least you know you'll get to enjoy it for years :)

shout4joy said...

I have to finish up the sewing down of the leading and then quilt it :)