Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nobody's Perfect is FINALLY quilted!

I thought I'd be done with this one almost two weeks ago, but it just didn't happen. I'd quilt a pass or two and be interrupted by the rest of my life.

Today I crept downstairs and fired up the machine...the Boybarian must have heard me because he came down right after I started quilting and asked me where I put something *sigh*

Thankfully, the item was located in the sewing dungeon, so it wasn't a quilting time killer!

Here is the quilt OFF the frame, tossed over the couch :)

My precious daughters think I should have named this one No Thanks, YOU Take It as they know that many of these fabrics come from the Obnoxious Fabric Swaps that I host on about.com quilting forums.

Now I have tons of threads to bury and then I'll bind it and be glad to have finished it.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's beautiful, Joy!

Mama's Little Shoe said...

Ah, the "ugly" swaps.... Sorry, I've met very few fabrics that I don't like. Especially since we just slice them up into little pieces anyhow! Very pretty quilt!