Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bleach Discharge


at our retreat one of the participants showed us Bleach Discharge. 
It is something I'd read about but had never tried so I was interested.

First we spent time laying various things out on our fabric. (The stones were to keep the leaves from blowing away...) And then we sprayed over the fabric with a bleach/water solution of 50/50 and let it set in the sun until we were happy with how much color had discharged from the fabric. At that point we rinsed the fabric in water and then used a chlorine stopping agent so that the bleach would not continue to eat away at our fabric. Then we rinsed them again and set them out to dry:

I think my piece turned out pretty cool. I have some ideas
for an art piece swirling around in my head...
let's see if it all comes to fruition ;)

Most of us used a Moda black for our discharge pieces. I understand that different fabrics will give different results. Some black fabrics will discharge gray, some more of a purple...test before doing this on large or important pieces!

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